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Mars is just the Roman name for Ares right? Not quite. Mars is a war god but more akin to Athena than Ares. He personifies aggressive action to ensure peace and that paradox is central to his nature. He's also an agricultural god, signifying the vital force the seed needs to grow as well as a defender of crops and livestock. I see him as being like the farmer who's land you do not want to trespass on but is friendly enough if you don't. He is from modern times and his influence in the modern world is much more subtle than the times of Rome.

He is there when the need for rebellion is present. He is there when the land your family has worked for generations is threatened and he is there on the front lines with the solders. He is the camaraderie of the band of brothers. While Athena and perhaps Minerva are the tactics of the general, Mars is the tactics of the platoon. He is worshiped by the solder, whether they know it or not, while Minerva is worshiped by generals and presidents.

Mars is currently favoring the form of Kevin Smith who played Ares in the TV series Xena, thus proving he either has a wicked sense of irony or is a fan of the show. The form is completely mortal and thus can be killed or harmed; Mars does love a challenge. The mortal body is just that, it holds no super human strength or speed though all of Mars' skills are available. Killing the body does not kill the god, of course, but it does inconvenience him as he makes a new one.

To keep himself busy, Mars is running a last chance, work release farm for juvenile criminals. The farm is in the Napa Valley of Northern California.

Also please note, Mars is not Ares. For this character I am imagining the Greek and Roman gods as being two similar but different families. I see Mars and Ares as being maybe cousins. They have their similarities but they are their own personalities.
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